Problems with Networking in Panther



Nothing happens when I click on the network icon in the go menu

I can only bring up my network places from my home folder by clicking the network icon, how come the network icon in the go drop down menu does not do anything when I click on it.

I am using panther

thank you.


when I click on the network icon in my home folder a dialog box pops up saying:

yes this just started happening today. when tried to click the network icon I get an alert pop up box that says:

The alias "Network" could not be opened, because the original item cannot be found.

what does that mean. and how can I fix it.

thank you
Jul 22, 2003
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I merged your two threads since they both are pretty much the same questions


I've had this happen with my copy of Panther when trying to connect to a Windows Share on my PC, running XP.

In Finder click Go > Connect to server (or press APPLE & K together). In the Server Address box type: smb://ipaddress/ so for example, the IP address on your Windoze PC is type: smb://

Skip this bit if you know your Windoze IP address :)

You can find your Windoze IP address by pressing Start > Run then typing CMD and pressing OK. In the DOS box type IPCONFIG and press enter. Note: If your IP address is or you need to go into your network connections folder, right click on the Local Area Connection icon relvant to your link and select Properites. Next, double click on the Internet Protocal (TCP/IP) option. Select Manual IP address and enter an IP address and Subnet Mask on the same range as your Macintosh.

If successful the SMB/CIFS Filesystem Authentication Box should appear if not see below. The Workgroup/Domain box should have the workgroup/domain name of the Windoze PC already entered. In the username box type administrator and in the password box type the password for the administrator account (if your PC came with a preloaded OS there won't be a password as default). Next select the sharename of the folder* you're connecting too and press Connect. You have just mounted that folder and it'll be available on your Finder box.

* To create a shared folder in Windoze right click on the folder to be shared and select Sharing and Security then click Just Enable File Sharing OR Share Folder As and give it a name e.g. WindowsPC. Tick the Enable Users To Change My Files box if you want to copy data from your Mac to the PC. Click OK.

If Finder won't connect Click on the Apple Symbol > System Preferences and then click network. Unlock to make changes if necessary and then change Configure IPv4 to Manually. Enter an IP Address and Subnet mask on the same range as the PC (So if your Windoze PC is on a Subnet Mask of the set your Mac's IP address to on Subnet Mask Enter the Windoze IP address as the Router.

Close System Preferences and try connecting the the share again (Apple & K).

Hope this helps


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