Problem with deleted preferences

Aug 3, 2008
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I am new here and I hope maybe you guys can help me...
I have done an update in my iMac yesterday night, restarted it and everything was fine (I'm running Tiger).

I put it to sleep and then this morning all my preferences were gone! This means that all my software doesn't have any saved settings anymore! Itunes still has songs in, but my ftp program doesn't have my data saved, adium doesn't have all my previous msn conversations saved, Mail seems to have all the emails but in my POP accounts they are all empty except for today's ones!
All my serials for some software has gone, so I had to enter them again and I lost everything ! I had a program called Apimac Secret Folder which allowed me to hide some folders where I had important files, and all those folders have now been deleted, and I don't know where they've gone anymore!

The main problem is my emails and my folders, and obviously the fact that I had to reinstall all my software, and I lost all favourites, like bookmarks in Firefox, saved passwords, everything!

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone before and if maybe there is any way to get what I lost back...

Thank you very much!


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