Printer problems ...




I hope I have posted this into the right section of the forum ...

I have an Imac (it's about 2 years old) and I have just re-installed everything - which involved using the Software Restore CDs to get Mac OS 9 on, and then used my Mac OS X upgrade CD to get Mac OS X back on.
All that went fine - no errors or anything.
However, I have got a new printer (Cannon Bubblejet i865) and I am having trouble installing it.
The install instructions with the printer say to plug everything in (USB cable), start up the MAC, put in the CD, double click on the installation program in the Mac OS X folder - and then it should ask for me to put in my Admin password ..... the trouble is, the installer fires up and then nothing happens ..... after a little while the cd spins down and I am just sat there waiting (i left it for over 15 mins to see if it was just being reeeeally slow, but nothing).

I know very little about Macs, and I would appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction with this - I don't even know how to start troubleshooting this problem!
Is it my Mac OS X install that is knackered?

Thanks in advance.


well i would have to suggest that the next time you load the install program keep and eye at the end of your dock to see if you notice and icon for the install app to pop up..if it does then goes away there is something wrong with the app perhaps.
Really with a fresh OS like this you shouldnt have any problems with it there unless you have a bad upgrade disc but thats doubtufll. other than that..kinda lost on the issue its kinda hard to pin point the issue...have you tried to download the printer drivers and try that form of install ? if not...give them a call they should haev a support line

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