Print problem on iMac

Mar 30, 2010
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NW Wiltshire England
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Mid 2010 MBP 13, 8 gig mem, 2 int disks 500gig SSD, 1Tb SSHD . 2010 iMac, 8 gig, 2 Tb SSHD. iMac M1
I have an iMac 21 1/2 late 2009 running Mavericks and a MacBook Pro late 2009 also on Mavericks. Along with these I have an HP Officejet 7110 wide format printer WIFI connected.

I am trying to print a PDF from the iMac, but it misses off the top and bottom of the print. When I do the same from the MBP it prints OK.

Just before Christmas I had problems printing a very large photo, just over a meter long! I contacted the HP help line and they talked mt through getting the latest driver and setting the printer to do the photo. The driver is 4.2.1. The driver on the MBP is 2.0. I am loath to update the MBP driver as it works.

I have checked everything that I can find concerning the printer and page sizes, etc. and apart from the drivers I can't see any differences.

Any suggestions please folks?

I nearly forgot to say that I have checked the print with 2 different PDFs. Both chop the top off.

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