powermac g4 display

Jul 26, 2008
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I've got a powermac g4 (FW 800, slightly upgraded) with a GeForce4 MX video Card, with two VGA ports. I want to run two or more displays on it. First: I know you can run two displays, but can you run like three, and if so, how does it work? I basically want to have a display on my desk and a display behind my music set up, which is not so nice for "normal" use, but is required for running music softwares and I may want a second display for my music set up (IF it is possible to run one app in one screen and one in the other, or something like that to manage softwares more easily (I also use Photoshop lots). I'm not sure how dual screens work). I know my current video card won't work as I'll be using apple displays which use DVI or ADC as opposed to VGA, and if I want to run a VGA display on it I only need an adapter (there is no VGA -> DVI/ADC adapter right, because VGA doesn't supply power?). hshould I do/ get and how can you set up dual screens?
-help much appreciated :)

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