PowerBook reed switch stuck OS X reporting Clamshell: Closed

Jun 11, 2009
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Hi all,

I have searched through the treads first .. have been lurking here for a couple of months .. the forums are great and have helped me in the past.

This is my first question here. I have just recently found interest in Mac products. Have been a PC guy for bout 15 years.. I have had about 7 iBooks 3 PowerBooks that I have repaired and passed on to other folks to use.

But this one has me at a loss.

PowerBook G4 A1046 15" screen
1Ghz ppc
512MB ram

It will take an install of OS X Tiger
but..... here are the issues

screen is dark when you boot up you can see every thing just the back light is not on.
Track Pad and Keyboard are disabled .. (I know they work) if I go in to openfirmware I have been able to reset-nvram and reset-all

also have booted to a Live CD of Linux and the keyboard and track pad function perfectly still have no back light ..

Reason I say the reed switch is stuck in the lid closed position is due to system properties show Clamshell Closed: yes..

Have tried reseting PMU NVRAM all the tricks 4 finger keystrokes openfirmware.. Magnets... voodoo chants... Exorcisms.. LOL

Is there a command in openfirmware to make the system think the clamshell is open.. Or something anything???

I want to make sure the system works (ie. backlight video) before I invest in a new trackpad/keyboard to get this PB to another want to be Mac person.


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