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hey guys,
well i guess it happens to the best of us and a bit of soda landed on top of my powerbook and got into the keyboard a bit. I immediately took it off and dried it and made sure all the internals are dry and in working order and they are. Now my problem is that the lower keys are starting to get sticky and honestly getting worse. Specifically the space bar is killing me. anyway is their anyway i can clean this or should i just replace the whole board? if it comes to that how much do they run and were can i get one?

I dont know if that keyboard spray would do much but i'm gonna go pick up a can and see if it will help. Anyway and help here would be greatly appreciated. Thanks alot.
Feb 25, 2004
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Portland, OR
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The only way to fix sticky keys I think, would be to pop the individual keys off, and spray a clean into the plastic contact area. Otherwise, it's time for a new keyboard.

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