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HI to everyone out their. Just to tell u I love macs but the only problem is that they are slow. I sold my powerbook g4 17inch 1.5ghz cause its to slow compared to a pentium 4 2.5ghz. And for you mac fans out their who are waitinf for the powerbook g5 its pointless cause Amd will always beat apple apple has beat intel but now their behind agian. Pc world says Amd totaly creams a dual g5 2ghz wile the Amd is only single. I just Have to say I bought an Amd 3700+ laptop which would run circles around any dual 2.5ghz g5 which wont stand a chance. AHAHAH and by the time the powerbook g5 comes out it still wont be as fast as a 3700+ laptop it wont even be close. and This laptop is quite cool lasts 3hrs of batter life and it will beat any apple g5 dekstop I think it is totaly bull apple is better than pc at video editing how come mac gets beat every time when it comes to adboe photoshop and after effects Sure they might win on or two benchmarks but apple choses their bechmarks ver carefully i mean who in the world does hummer LOL please you have got to be kidding me. How about gaming apple is know for grahics that is why a dual g5 2.5ghz get killed by a pentoum 4 3.6EE in gaming and gets TOATALY KILLED BY AN AMD 3800+ or AMD FX. SORRY MAC FANS APPLE SUCK WHEN IT COMES TO PREFORMNCE THEY ARE ONLY GOOD FOR LOOK THAT ABOUT IT
Jul 22, 2003
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