PowerBook G4 & L2 cache




I've only had my PowerBook (15", 1GHz) for two weeks...my first Mac might I add and I have a question about the L2 cache on the G4 chip.

According to the system profiler, the G4 cpu has a 512kb L2 cache. However, when I open the System Preferences->Other->Hardware, the window shows a drop-down box for the L2 cache and "none" is always selected. If I click on the drop-down box, I can select 512kb (the only option) but once I close the System Preferences application, this setting seems to be lost. If I reopen the System Preferences->Other->Hardware, the L2 cache is once again set to "none".

I've never heard of disabling/enabling a hardware cache in software (except for the bios). What is this setting doing?

Thanks Much,


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