PowerBook Battery question.

Feb 18, 2004
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North Derbyshire, United Kingdom
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12" 1.33 GHz PowerBook w/SuperDrive, 60GB HDD, 1.25G RAM.
Hi, i was just wondering what people here do with their powerbook batteries when they are running off mains power. I've only started taking the battery out when not in use as i dont want mains current running through it constantly even if it's charged up fully. Other people i know keep the battery in, and others take it out.


i personnaly leave mine in...but i have wanted to stop that..but its just such a pain to remember...i already went threw 1 battery when i was in my warrenty but who knows it was a first gen so that might have been the issue cause my teacher had the same issue.
as long as your battery is fully changed there is no problem taking it out if your concerned..but im sure the laptop has been designed to opperate with the battery in. if you do decide to take it out make sure you atleast use it once a week or something like that..allowing it to uncharge and then recharge back up


When you take the battery out, if the AC connection is interrupted for some reason (someone stepping on the cord), your computer will suffer a hard crash, possibly corrupting the files on the disk.

Don't try to outsmart the computer. The laptop battery is not ordinary power cell. It has governing electronics built in, so it does not overcharge the battery.

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