Possible to download a specific file from TC using a URL?

Jan 17, 2010
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I've got a Time Capsule third generation with 2 terras of storage. I've configured the file sharing to accounts and I've also shared the disks over WAN so I can log on to my time capsule from an external IP adress by typing afp://"and my IP adress here" in the safari address bar (or in finder) and log on to my disks and access my files from anywhere. However! Is there any way I can make a download URL for a specific file which I can give to for example a friend of mine so he can download that file and that using the URL without having to log on to TC with a password or account?

I can imagine I will need to setup a kind FTP port or something... in which case the download URL will look a little like this: ftp://"myIP"/TCdisk/Folder/file.mov
Am I onto something here?

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