Possible to add Second 2.8 Quad CPU to 2008 MP?


Jul 29, 2008
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So I spend a couple weeks, looking for a great deal on a MP (new, used, eBay). I get a "second chance" offer from a seller on eBay whose buyer backed out of the deal, and it's LOADED, including some software titles I'm going to have to purchase otherwise. In my haste to gobble it up as fast as I can, I fail to notice that it has a single Quad 2.8, not a dual Quad (oops). I complete the deal anyway (my fault, not his).

You seem like a savvy lot of lads, so if you please, answer a few questions for an old fogey closing the "Windows", gettin' into the jungle:

1-running Logic Pro 8, will the quad be sufficient for modest home studio undertakings (maybe 24 tracks, or VI instances)?

2-is the quad motherboard (does Apple call it the "logic board"?) the same as the dual quad motherboard?...if so, is the empty cpu slot "active", or has Apple disabled it in some way?

3-if I purchase an E5462 (this is the correct processor, right?) and HSF (stock), will the HSF fit in the case, or does Apple use a propriortory HSF?...outside of Apple, where could I get one?

4-If I could do this for <$700, would it be worth it (performance wise)...any idea how much an Apple Service Center would charge to perform this task if I furnish the components? (I would do it myself, but I'm sure it would void the warranty)

Answers, constructive comments, suggestions, alternatives greatly appreciated!!! (sorry if these questions have already been asked...I DID search for them)
Aug 12, 2007
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Your Mac's Specs
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It has been stated elsewhere that the single quad core version is missing more than just the processor and heat sink. If it was just these then you could pick up the processor in retail form and stick it in. I have read however that the board for the single quad core is also missing the cpu socket! This would basically make it pretty much impossible to upgrade.

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