Port Forwarding: I don't know what's going wrong?!

Feb 6, 2010
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I'm having some issues forwarding some ports. Here's my setup.

Bell Speedstreem 5200 Modem --> Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (Router, set to "create new wireless network") --> computers (MacBook)

I've gone in to Airport Utility and done the whole Port Forwarding thing (ports 6112 to 6119) in both TCP and UDP. I've done the Static IP Address ( Static IP address is being used as the "Private IP" in the port forwarding. I've called Apple: they have no clue. I've called Bell: They have no clue. I've restarted both my router and my modem.

What am I missing?

Whenever I try to test the port in terminal: telnet localhost 6112
I get "connection refused" errors.

Sooooooo..... Any clues? Anyone?

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