Please help me! - OSX 10.1

May 18, 2008
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Amberley, Canterbury, New Zealand
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MacMini 14.3, 8.1 & 4.1, OS 13.5, 10.14, & 10.11 & 10.6; Macbook Pro 8.2, OS 10.12.
According to Google, this VLC media player for Mac OS X (right down the bottom of the page) should work with OS 10.1.

Candidly though, you should try to get a later version of OS X (maximum Panther). Even then, with that G3, videos other than Quicktime are going to disappoint. It's a matter of the processor and video card.
[I have a G3 600, and I seldom try movies. Looking a little wider, another factor is which version of Flash will work with older OS.]

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