Pics from ipad1 to mac book pro

Nov 21, 2011
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Hello out there, I'm new to the sight and I thought this would be a good way to educate myself rather than wait at a mac store for ions!
So i had a Macbook that was recently stolen. I had thousands of pics and the worst thing was that I was in the middle of trnasfering them to an external HD. They swiped the case that had both the Mac and HD, just my luck! Luckily, (i think?) I have 1k pics on my Ipad 1. I need to how i can transfer those pics from the ipad to the mac book pro. Any sort of help would be great! Thanks.

Oh yeah- THe ipad does not have the software update installed in it yet bcs I am afraid od wiping out the remaining pictures. PLease help.

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