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May 20, 2008
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Jul 24, 2013
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Having just obtained an iPhone 6 plus and retired both a Samsung Note II and Galaxy S4, I will give my 2 cents. I debated a long time on whether to upgrade to the Note 4, Galaxy S5 or go with the iPhone 6 +. I have a friend who had the Samsung Galaxy S5 and loves it. I loved my Note II not so much the S4. My son loves his Note 3. I have always had Samsung Android phones up until I purchased this iPhone.

Why the change? I have two Mac laptops and an iPad Mini. I like the way they "get along". I can attach the iPad Mini to one of the laptops and move stuff like pictures or videos around. iCloud works with all my apple devices.

I am now very use to OS X and iOS, so making my phone match was a no brainer for me. Less to learn and remember, more compatibility, can get text on all of them and the other new stuff I haven't had time to mess with yet like handoff.

And did I mention better malware control? I never had any issues on my Note II but I ran Lookout on it and I was a very careful downloader of apps and what websites I cruised.

Plus I have been very impressed with the iPhone 6 +. Smooth, fast, very good voice quality (I always was a bit disappointed with voice quality on all my Samsung phones during a call.)

If you have nothing else that is apple - laptop, tablet, then the Galaxy S5 is an extremely nice phone. If you have other apple products the cross compatibility is awesome. IMO



I tested the S5 against the iPhone 5s (not the iPhone 6) and found it lacking hardware-wise. The fingerprint scanner on the S5 is a cruel joke compared to Touch ID. Most of the rest of it was fine, but there are also inherent problems with Android (depending on where you get your Android device). Even ignoring the vastly-increased risk of malware, you have the problem of unremovable/difficult to remove bloatware from the carrier, and the problem of limited upgrades (if any), and often long-delayed since this too is controlled by the carrier in most cases. Some Android products are closer to a "pure" experience but the S5 isn't one of those.

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