Pdf editor which works on both mac and ipad

Oct 8, 2014
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hi everyone!

I'm looking for a pdf editor that could work on both my macbook pro and ipad. I often work on pdf's on my ipad, but at home i prefer the mac. I'm using ibook on the mac and goodreader on the ipad. Actually, the changes on one device are synced and viewed on both devices, but i cannot implement or change a note made on the ipad when i am on the mac and vice versa. If i try to unhighlight a highlighting made on the other device, it won'work. Colors are not compatible making my pdfs look like a kandiskij picture. For instance, if i highlight in orange, a previously yellow highlighted text, it will become a darker orange, if i unhighlight it it will return yellow, and there's not bringing it back unhighlighted, i would like two softwares or better one application with a mac and ipad version where i can change over and over any note or highlight. I heard of pdf pen, it's expensive but i would buy it if it can do the trick. The only thing i know is that it obviously is compatible with itself but i want to know if i can undo the previously made changes as if I was continuing working on the same device.

Is pdfpen worth it? Is there any better solution there?

Thank you for any help! B,


I think very highly of PDFPen and don't know of any other software that is both Mac and iOS like that.

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