PB Lagging?

Oct 6, 2003
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Aluminum PowerBook G4. 15.2" SUPAH-drive
For the past two weeks or so, my PB has been lagging. Like nothing has crashed but just the load times have been severely lengthened. I have the activity monitor open at all times, and a few weeks ago my computer has been running low. But recently it's been running high. Even when I have just iTunes and iChat and Safari open. That's it. I don't understand why it's running so high, but the only remedy is to restart. Which is a pain in the arse. Also I thought it was because of having little space left on my harddrive but it wasn't that. because i deleted 20 gigs of videos and such and it still runs high. Its beginning to annoy me, so if you guys have any suggestions. Feel free to express them. :)

Thanks in advance,

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