parallels and network access

May 15, 2007
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hi all,
new to the mac world (well use to play with apple II's back in the days) i recently bought a mac pro, however many of my files (images essentially) reside on a network of wintel machines.

now i have no issues anymore accessing all those drives via macos :), and i installed parallels and can access them via parallels as well.

however as soon as i have a paralles session open, it kills the network access that i have from my macos sessions. not sure if this is clear, but essentially the result is that i cannot access the same network drive at the same time from a parallels session and a macos finder! as soon as i quit the parallels session my macos access is restored.

i am not sure where the issue comes from and was wondering if anyone out there has encountered this before.

i tried searching here in forum but did not see any symptoms described that resembled what i am experiencing.

any help/input/suggestions would be welcome

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