Panther Woes



I recently installed Panther to a Powermac G4 450MHz mac. The Jaguar was working fine for me. Mail application was okay. But after upgrading to Panther, I can't retrieve my mail. I haven't changed the settings in the previous system. The internet was okay. The setup here at the office is that the G4 is networked to PC's, then 1 PC with W2000 system and Winroute, acting as a router, has a single connection thru a DSL line. All our PC's and Mac have been accessing this PC for mails and Internet. The Winroute PC has mailboxes for each computer. The Mac has been accessing the mails thru the PC effortlessly during Jaguar. But it can't now at Panther. Anyone kind enough to give me an advice/solution to this, please lemme know. I greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

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