Panther Kills Firewire?



I recently upgraded my G4 QS 933 desktop to 10.2.3. Before the upgrade I was using an iBot web cam on this computer AND my PowerBook with no problems....after the upgrade it would not work on either Mac. Both computers claimed NOT to see the cam. I wrote to Orange Micro who told me there was a problem with the cam. desperation of needing a cam on Christmas Eve (for reasons I will spare ) I quickly ordered an iSight cam and used it on my PB. A few days prior to Christmas I tried to move it to my DT and it wouldn't work...when I brought it back down to my PB, it wouldn't work there either. "sigh" I returned that cam and got another and IT will work on the PB, needless to say I will NOT be trying it on the DT. After spending the weekend doing computer maintenance it seems that the firewire ports on the DT are dead and deadLY since installing Panther. Not only do my firewire 3-party items NOT work, but it kills them for use elsewhere.

I am posting here on this fine forum to see if ANYONE else has experienced and/or heard of this happening and if there is any fix for it besides the dreaded motherboard replacement?

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