Package Management (or, Installing Software)



I'm a Linux user who just bought an iBook. I got it because OSX is UNIX, but much nicer looking than Xfree - and runs at least some games : )

Anyway, I was wondering how package management in OSX works. Windows has add/remove programs, BSD has Ports, Linux has {apt, rpm, gentoo portage}, but what is the equivalent for a Mac?

Also, I was looking into Fink and DarwinPorts, and was wondering which is better? Actually, rather than better, which one is closer to being the "normal" or "standard" one, or more popular? Also, do I need either one at all?


Package management is simple: for 99% of programs, just drag the program to the trash. No uninstallation is necessary. Installation is the same: when you download a program, it usually comes on a disk image, just drag the program off of the disk image and into where you want it (usually Applications).

I've not been able to get either of those to work, but I'm not a former Linux user or anything. I've seen Fink a lot more than DarwinPorts, so I'm thinking that's probably more standard.

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