Outlook 2001 and WIN2000 Server



My workstation is a G4-500MHz running OS 9.2.2. I'm connecting to a Windows 2000 network with Service Pack 4. The Exchange server has Service Pack 3. When I connect to Outlook 2001 for Mac (not Outlook Express), my authentication fails why is ithat?

My current workaround is to go into the Apple menu and trash my profile (Apple Menu > Outlook Settings), then recreate and test. When I test the account, it is successful and it creates a new profile for me. At this point I can login to my email account, but somewhere in the course of the day, it fails or locks up. When I force-quit and restart Outlook, i can't log back in. Here is where I go back to recreating my profile, thus a vicious circle.

Any suggestions of what I can do? Is this a fix that needs to happen on the client-side or server? Your suggestions are appreciated, thanks.


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