Out Of Frequency Monitor Problems



Hi All,
I have been stumped with a problem for a while now. I am looking after a lab of 25 comps, with 17 - Quicksilver 2002 G4's, 5 Gigabit Ethernet G4's and other old G3's. I just recently re-installed OS 9 / 9.1 / 9.2 / 9.2.1 / 9.2.2 updated the firmware on all and then installed OS 10.3.3 / 10.3.4 etc. After this I used Carbon Copy Cloner to clone the harddrives around the room. Because we still need access to OS 9 for the students/teachers the OS 9 login has been setup with multiple users. Now after finishing all the program installations I booted into OS 9 and into the Administrator account (no problems) after fixing some things and logging out I logged into the Student and came across this problem with the monitor saying "Out Of Frequency" and some values of the desired frequencies for the monitor. The same problem occurs when trying to login to the Teacher account. Now if all the monitor preferences were the same (ie never changed) how come this is a problem in 2 out of 3 accounts. The admin account has no problems, the student won't login at all, and the Teacher account will login but not on all comps.
Could this be a problem caused by cloning a drive from an early model G4 to a later model G4, with the differences in monitors??? (the Gigabits have CRT's and the Quicksilvers have LCD's).
None of these problems arised before installing OS 10.3, is it a problem with the new operating system???
Is there a work around for this issue??
I've tried zapping the p-ram, rebuilding the desktop, holding shift @ startup, trashing the monitor preferences in OS 9, and I've tried finding the monitor preferences in OS 10.3.4 but where are they??? I found a report from someone online, instructing me how to delete the monitor preferences but I think they were on OS 10.2.8 and they didn't apply.
Could this be a problem with multiple users on OS 9 / multiple users on OS 10.3.4? or is this just a simple bug?
Any help whatsoever on this issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks :confused:

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