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Hey guys.
Got an odd situation here and am wondering if anyone knows what i should do.

Try to follow as this is an odd setup.

I have a cable modem connection.

That Connection runs to a router which has 3 ports in use. (1) is an uplink to a hub off of which there are two windows boxes. (2) runs to a windows box....
(---begin important part----)
... and (3) runs to my closest router which i have setup with the first slot set to be an uplink slot which the line runs into. then in the second slot is my OS X machine. in the 3rd slot is yet another winblows box.

follow me so far?

now this closest router has DHCP turned off and seems to be functioning like a switch as my mac is being assigned an IP by the main router.

however the windows box in the slot next to my mac's connection on the close router is not functioning on the network.

I am wondering if i can use internet sharing or what to make the windows box work also.
It works fine if the closest router is functioning like a router... but i don't want it to because of problems that arise from me having multiple DHCP servers between my mac and the net... specifically port forwarding issues and speed concerns.

Anyone feeling brave?


Addendum - The wilblows box that is not functioning is running Win2000. My Mac is running 10.3.2 and is totally current.


all of the computers are on the same logical network, so they should be on the network just fine. the OSX machine on the "closest" router is working fine? have you tried putting a static IP on the same subnet that the DHCP is serving?

if the OSX machine is working, there has to be something wrong between the "closest" router and the windows machine. make sure that port is working, then make sure the cable is working, then make sure your network card is working, then make sure your settings are all correct on the windows machine.


creat10n said:
have you tried putting a static IP on the same subnet that the DHCP is serving?

please explain what u mean here... assign via router options?


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If the DHCP server (router) is serving the IP address range -> The on your Apple assign an IP address in the same subnet as in or greater but less than

An example would be your router ip would, the net mask would be and you Ip address

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