OS X doesn't show all files/folders on external hard drive

Apr 22, 2007
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Macbook pro 15.4" 2.33ghz
hey guys.

i have an external hard drive on 200gb where i have all my music on.
I have sorted it in folders with the letters in the alphabet.
i have the letters A,B,C,D and so on..

i have a virtual machine on my macbook there runs windows xp.. i do not use it so much but that windows xp machine does show all the folders with my music.. but then i shutdown the xp and open the folder in os X there is 0 folders..

right now has the folders the name like "-= A =-" to see if that change it, but os x doesn't show anything.. if i have the folders name like A,B,C... it shows a part of it.. but not all of it.

sry for my english it is not so good

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