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OK, about to pick up a second Mac in the house, but still new at this, it's a used Imac running jaguar. Never used it before. My first Mac is my ibook that I recently bought, it came with panther. My question is hoq to put panther on my imac to be. Can I use the panther cd's that came with my ibook or is there some serial issue like wiindows.

Other question is: If I can use my panther cd's, is it just an upgrade to jaguar or is it a full reformat of the harddrive with a fresh install of the software, and can it easily be done??? I have done installs of linux and some were fairly easy like Mandrake and Redhat as opposed to slackware.

Any and all info will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)


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If the CDs that came with your iBook are restore CDs, then I don't think it will work. If it is a full version of Panther, then you should not have a problem. Also if you have not used the iMac, then I would do a fresh install. By wiping the disk clean then install the operating system. Your only problem is do you want to run the classic envirnoment. If so you need the OS 9 media also.


Cool, thanks for the info, well a little late though, ended getting a new IMAC, just the 15". **** can't afford some of the stuff.

Never really used apple, so I see no real use for OS 9. Unless it is necessary for some other programs? I'm just starting out so I really don't have anything that might need it. On my ibook though, there is a folder with some classic system folder on it, guess it came with 9 as well.

Oh well thanks for the info. Apreciate it.

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