Organising iTunes library by Artist but show each album in order?


Jul 7, 2008
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Organising iTunes library by Artist followed by album/converting wma to mp3?

Hi All,

I'm still trying to work my way round iTunes, i've been using it for a few years now but this I am unsure of.

I want my iTunes library to be sorted the same way that it is album name, so that each album cover is followed by the albums tracks and then a line across the page is followed by the next album. However I don't want to actually search by album name I want to search by artist so say for instance:

Akrobatik would be before Gang Starr, but underneath Akrobatik there would be a list of his albums.

Is this possible??

*EDIT* I've found that Album Artist does this, sorry noob mistake

Finally iTunes always converted my wma files on my p.c. (or if it didn't it at least run these files via iTunes). iTunes doesn't even seem to recognise them on a Mac??? Do I have to convert them? And if so, how?


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