ordering prints on IOS 8?

Mar 12, 2007
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So I havnent ordered prints through apple in a while. Decided today to order a few via iPhoto on IOS. Found out iPhoto has been tossed on IOS 8. The Photos app doesnt appear to have this feature. Has apple ditched the ability to order prints on IOS 8 all together??


Yes. At least temporarily.

There is a new version of Photos coming to iOS that may -- or may not -- restore the ability to order prints. On a guess, I'd say probably not -- but will include the plug-in functionality needed for other companies to offer that ability (and many others) inside the program.

The problem is that the more advanced version of Photos isn't due to arrive until early next year.

In the meantime, you can still order prints through iPhoto on OS X (I have just verified that this is working in Yosemite with the most recent version).

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