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Only true IT's need apply




My workplace is primarily PC based, yet I am the only one with a Mac. So of course I am having trouble with the network here. It runs on windows 2000 its an ISA server. The main problems I'm having are I can't get safari to connect to the internet same with iTunes, also Fetch will not connect to FTP's which is huge! Now Internet explorer works but it asks me for a user/pass before I can connect to the net. So this would mean there is a proxy server on my network. The other programs I listed above don't even give me the chance to authorize. So I did some research and found a couple hacks that didn't work one was squid man and the other was aps098. I even had the IT guy here with me doing all of this, unfortunately he isn't good with Macs (or PC's for that matter) So I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and knows how to fix it?

Thanks in advance


guys i downloaded authoxy and safari and iTunes works great but i still can't connect to my FTP sites. What could still be the problem???


I was about to give you a tip about safari but it seems you fixed that issue. Can't help you with FTP. You do know that people not in IT can probably help you out just as much as someone in IT? While your title makes zero sense (you do know that your sentence is saying, "only true information technologies need apply") I figured I'd respond...but like I said you got 1/2 your issue figured so I'll move along.
Apr 9, 2004
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I had a similar problem at university. Each corridor had a seperate router with seperate settings. Also, the uni had a proxy. Unfortunately, Im not a "true IT" so I don't qualify to help.


Im sorry about the title of this post. I did'nt really think when I started it. But I have updated news that is weird indeed. I can type the FTP address inside Internet Explorer and it works! But then when I put the same info in Safari or Fetch or Transmit etc. the connections timeout. If anyone can help me please im desperate.

thanks again


1) Go to system Preferences, Network
2) Under show select the network connection you are using
3) Select Proxies
4) Check FTP (or auto proxy if you have one).
5) If not using autoproxy
5.1) Type in the location of the proxy and check requires password
5.2) Type in user name and password.
6) Hope it works

I am technically IT, but have not fiddled with OS X networking too much. A quick investigation of the network system preferences showed me those options though. Hope it helps.

EDIT: And use passive mode for FTP. You might try using passive mode without a Proxy first.


No go I have tried almost every combination with no success. I have my FTP Proxy set to local because I am running Authoxy which allows the storage of Authentification information, so that allows things like Safari and iTunes to work and I thought that was what my problem was with FTPing. Again Finder will sort of connect but it always crashes. IE works everytime but I cant upload using IE. Nor do i want to use IE. I really dont know what to do.