Odd noises after NTFS/XP or Vista Install

Dec 1, 2006
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MBP 2.4/2GB/200HD/256 8600gt
something kinda weird is happening, and it happens everytime i format my bootcamp partition to NTFS. it doesnt matter if i have a copy of XP or vista installed, although it seems to go away eventually with XP.

Currently running vista on my c2d mbp with stock 120gb 5400 hd. there seems to be a "morse code"e noise coming from the laptop. This is not normal HD clicking, i still hear that as well. its hard to explain what it sounds like. its not cpu whine. and seems to be more or less active with the hard drive clicking.

any ideas? i was thinking the chipset is making some sort of electrical noise or something while the hard drive is seeking. its just a very noticable, but not extremely loud low hum, in the pattern/sound of morse code.

im sorry i cant explain it better, thats all i got.

any idea?

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