o2m - exports appointments as invitations

Feb 13, 2010
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Hi there switched to Mac from PC around 2 months ago and was instantly hooked. I love it. (MacBook Pro 13" - Snow Leopard)

Anyway Ive been slowly moving stuff over from my PC and need to move my appointments from Outlook 2003. I searched around and found o2m was being recommended alot so checked it out. I downloaded it and tried the trial version to see if it all worked ok. The trial version only lets you export 5 or so appointments......... So I did this and it all worked fine except the appointments once imported into iCal showed up as invitations. That means I cant edit any of them as only the invitor can change anything to do with that date. I need the appointments to stay as appointments once transferred to iCal.

I am ready to buy the full version but just need to sort this stumbling block.


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