Nvidia GeForce 650m 512GB VRAM - Capable for a Dual Monitor Set-Up?

Nov 28, 2014
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Hey all,

First post here after lurking for a good year, so go easy on me!

I've got a 2012 unibody MBP base-15" model which comes with Nvidia GT 650m 512GB VRAM along with 1GB of Intel HD Graphics 4000 (according to system report anyway).

My main question is would this be powerful enough to run two full-HD displays simultaneously?

It would be mainly for music editing in Logic (One screen mixer, one the composer) so I won't be doing any hugely VRAM-heavy tasks like gaming etc.

Still, I thought it would be worth an ask. When I'm mixing music the last thing I want to do is constantly close and open windows so a dual-display set-up is preferable.

And as another note: Would 2 full-HD displays and the built-in display running simulatenously be pushing it too far?

Cheers guys!

Other specs in case you're interested:

2.3GHz i7 processor
500GB 5400rpm HDD
4GB 1600MHz RAM.

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