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Noise when using cd/dvd drive


8 Bit

Hi. I just got a G4 ibook 1.33/60GB/combo drive. It just has 256 RAM in there right now, as I was going to buy more memory later in the week. It is my first mac since about 1998.

It seems fine, except for when I insert a cd, burned, or regular, and itunes opens. If I open itunes with nothing in it there is no noise, but when it starts to play the cd there is fan noise, or the noise of the drive starting, or whatever, and it doesn't quiet down. So, the music competes over this fan sound of the disc loading.

I assume this isn't the norm, but I don't know, do ibooks have noisy drives when playing cds? Maybe there is something wrong with the combo drive. Any idea on what the problem is, or advice on how I should handle this? Thanks.


No the noise is there..but I didn't care cause I listen through headphones and also I don't listen to the CD while I import the music. I eject the disc and then I'm done! I thought you meant the noise when you put the CD into the disc drive cause that's normal also :black: lol


Yea, it's pretty normal when you put in a CD/DVD and it starts loading up very loud. I thought something was wrong at first but several people confirmed here that it was normal.