No Luck



Thanks for all the information thus far.
I have followed all of the copy laws and suggestions mentioned.
Here is where I am currently:
I have used DVDBackup and DVD2OneX vs. 1.2 to create the _TS files that will play on my G4 400MHz with Pioneer DVR 104. That's all good until I go to burn a DVD.
I open Toast vs.5 and select DVD then drag and name the file exactly as the original DVD was named and the burning takes approx. an hour, (burning all of the copiedfiles, which played off the hard drive).
There are no error codes given, the disk is burned and when I eject it, then go to play it, the burned disk loads and automatically opens the DVD Player, but when I select the PLAY option, the window reads "NOT PERMITTED".
After several; previous failures of this kind, using Vs. 1.0.1 DVD2OneX, etc. I have at least learned to try R/W DVD media. When I go to erase and reconfigure, the one constant error message is: " BURNING THE DISK FAILED BECAUSE THERE WAS A PROBLEM WITH THE TARGET DEVICE. (ERROR CODE 14009)

SO...Any suggestions how to get the (working) files from my hard drive to a playable DVD?

Also, I have noticed that it takes anywhere from 3 to 5 hours to copy from the original DVD to DVD2OneX. Is this normal for my machine or is there a way to speed it up?

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