Newbie ? on getting started with mac as home theatre device and editing video

Nov 2, 2009
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I'm inquiring about wanting to upgrade my home theatre system by adding a mac. I currently have dish network 722dvr's with external hard drives. Sony LCD screns, Sony vhs to dvd recorder, hdmi router, onkyo, and sony sound systems. all of which are using HDMI for input and output.

I'm looking for mac hardware and software that would allow me to import a HDMI signal from the output of the 722 into the mac and do simple editing. IE, create a time line edit out commercials, trim ins and outs. I then want to be able to archive the footage to hard drive or burn to DVD, along with the capability to play out in HDMI.

What would you recommend as far as computer, external converters if necessary and Software.


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