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Newbie needs software HELP!!



Someone please help me with this, its driving me absolutely insane. Im a switcher from xp pro last month. I purchased officemac. I'm using entourage for my mail/address/calender needs and i've transfered all my vcards off my ipod and onto my ibook sucessfully. The problem is they are in First, Last order, and I need them in Last, First order. I've searched Help, there is no mention of this, is in NOT intuitive! I've got 3 mail accounts being fowarded through entourage now. 1 School .edu, 1 yahoo, and 1 hotmail. For whatever reason my school and yahoo acct share an inbox and outbox etc, but my hotmail is completely seperate. I want them all the same--i dont need 2 different inboxes. Again, I can't figure this out. Lastly, when I view my mail, whether inbox, outbox etc. I get the box fullscreen--meaning I can't see a preview of the mail on the bottom half of the screen. It used to work, and I must have done something, and now its gone. There isnt simply a bar to drag to fix it.
I would GREATLY appreciate your help.THANKYOU
Feb 9, 2005
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i cant help much, but if i remember right, hotmail is always a different inbox on entourage and outlook(that includes express).


is there some kind of problem getting hotmail with entourage?


hmm...this is a very sticky situation. I have entourage, but have never really used it. If no one comes up with anything soon, I'll investigate this a little further (ask around, try out for myself, see what I can do). I have a test tomarrow and no time right now (sorry) but I'll look into it asap


ok. Here's what's up.
1) I'm sorry i didn't get back right away, I've had tests the last two or three days and priority is my grades.

2)I'm getting fed up with entourage in general, 'cause it won't recognise two of my emails (but that's another problem).

3)About where the mail is moved to: With the newest version out there, it's a little more taxing for some people who want their folders to be perfect. But here's what you need to do: You need to create a custom view to do this (new, custom view). Set up the criteria to look for all messages in all folders and include specific "Folder is" criteria for each Inbox. Make sure the popup is set to "match if any criteria are met". This is a little more taxing way to go about things, but it's the only way I've found to work.

4)From what I've looked into and when I've asked around, the only way to order from last to first is to but the last name in the first name box and vise versa. Once again, not very effective, but the only way I've found (after I asked around and did a chunk of research).

5)The veiw problem, with the full page, might be a little tricky if you've already tried everything. The only thing I can come up with on that one is to go to the "veiw" menu and then click on "preview pane" and click on where you want it (maybe turn it off and turn it back on?).

I hope you find these helpful. I'm sorry they aren't perfect. And once again, I apologise for taking so long to get back to you.