New user! (So far so good!)

Nov 8, 2011
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I'll try to keep it short:

Ran windows based engineering software through college until I graduated a couple of years ago and have been running a solid Windows/linux setup for a while. Girlfriend loves her (2010?) 15" MBP and other friends rave about their various Macs so I figured I'd give it a shot...

Went down to my local Apple Store on Saturday and 45 mins later walked out with a 13" MBP. So far so good! I wanted a compact(ish) machine that could still handle some light photo/ HD video editing (an old past-time in the pre consumer HD days). Set up at home was very easy and I didn't have much to xfer to my new machine (waiting on an external hd repair, long story) so I've been enjoying just learning the Mac environment, operating procedures, etc.

I have to say, it's an impressive machine in a very beautiful package. I hope to hang onto this thing for a long time. Without ya'll knowing, you have provided a great wealth of information as I have been lurking for quite some time, so Thanks!

Cheers from vacationland.

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