new to mail program in mavericks

Oct 19, 2014
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I just purchased a Macbook Air with Mavericks 10.9.5 OS and I'm using Gmail as my email client, and I have some questions about the Mail application. First, how can I separate related sent emails so they are not hidden when I open the mail program. I want them to appear separate like they are on my iPhone. Currently all I see is the last email in the string and I want to see all the sent emails without having to click on anything. Also how can I make the preview pane completely disappear so all I see is the folder column and email header column. And finally how can I see an attachment pane similar to the one in the mail program in Windows Vista so I can see a listing of all the attachments I'm sending?. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
Jun 7, 2013
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Raleigh NC
Your Mac's Specs
mac mini late 2012; mac mini early 2014; old mac mini running centos; new macbook air; iPad;iPhone
1 are you using apple mail or gmail on you phone?
2 consider using google web gmail
3 my wife uses apple mail, and I just open the reading pane to minimize preview
4 attachments ( I alway see the paperclip, and not sure if 'mousing' over it works

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