new to macs, and need a bit of help



I'm very new to macs, and even newer to this board and i'm thinking about (well not thinking) going to buy one for my next computer, but I don't know what one to buy, a powerbook, a umm power mac? I don't really even know what all the classifications are called. I'm a DJ and I produce electronic music and so i'm looking for somethin that will do that. Last nite I just happened to go into the Apple store in the mall, and was helped by a salesperson(woman) but I didn't get a good idea of what to look for, how much memoury I should buy, what speed CPU, and btw, I was raised on a PC and really am not fancying them too much at the moment. I've also heard a lot about them from people and my gf who swears by them, and would buy one if she had enough $$$$, so any help is gooood!!



For a DJ I would recommend a Powerbook or G5. BT uses a Powerbook at his showes and for everything he does. The 12" Powerbook maxed with RAM should be relatively affordable. Like all things - you need to pay to play, so buy the best machine you can afford.

Here's a link to the Apple site where you can search for OS X apps for Music and Audio.

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