New Powerbook User - Need your opinions on this



Hi Guys,

Last year when I did work expereince at a web design company,

They had several Powermacs and Computers, I went on the Macs for a few dyas and became obsessed!

I was speaking to the owner the other day and he told me that he has the following for sale:

G4 550Mhz Titanium Powerbook
15.2" screen
512Mg Ram
40Gb H/d

And I was just wondering if this would be a good purchase for school work, and for the odd design work, As all of my designing is done on my Pc.

Would this computer handle programs such as Photoshop?

And considering the cpu speed - What would be the equivalent speed in a Pentium?
G4 550Mhz = P4 1.7Ghz?

Kind Regards



you shouldnt have any issues doing all that one there..and ever much far as equivalent's in speed your looking @ the 550mhz being equal to a 1 gig pc roughly.

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