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Jul 17, 2008
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I connected my iPod nano 8GB to my Windows Vista laptop. It shows up with a few folders, but not the music. So I saw where I had to install iTunes to be able to use the iPod. When I try to install iTunes, it INSISTS on installing Quicktime and Bonjour. I don't want or need either one of these. How can I install iTunes by itself?


You do, in fact, need QuickTime and Bonjour.

QuickTime is the engine that drives all the video used by the iPhone.

Bonjour is the technology that allows the iPhone to talk to other devices.

Not installing them is really not an option, and nothing to be afraid of. Indeed, the Quicktime install will allow your Windows computer to enjoy wider varieties of audio and video, and the Bonjour install will make networking printers better -- so both have advantages beyond just your iPod.

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