New convert - hugh questions



Hi PB-ers,

Kindly welcome this humble's a long story (tasted Win 3.1 till XP) so please don't ask why converting.....

I just bought a second-hand PB G4 12" 256MB RAM 60GB HD and am quite happy with the performance so far, will absolutely upgrade its RAM though.

1. Why oh why OS9 still exist as there is already OSX, can it just be removed? If so, how to do that?
2. Anyone has a good link to documentation on how to fresh reinstall PB?
3. My lil cute PB is getting hot, reached 52 C in a hot sunny Singapore, it was only 36 C when booting up/waking up.

thanks in advance for your help,


1. Its there for old applications that wont run in osx.. it can be removed by formatting the computer (aka reinstall).. not sure if there is an easier way

2. no documentation needed... pop in the osx disc it came with (should probably be a dvd).. then click to install osx, it restarts the system.. go up to the menu bar at the top, and there should be a drop down menu with "disk utility" on it. go into that... it will load your hard drive partitions... click on the drive itself, go to the partition tab, and repartition it... this time leaving os9 off it.... then go back and install osx on the drive you just partitioned.

*** note *** actually...aftery typing that out, trying to recall how to do it, you might just want to find a step by step graphic website lol... its second nature to me, after doing it 200+ times working for my school district, but im sure i left something out

3. dont know... all i can say is that i own an ibook, and it gets really hot when sitting in my lap for a few hours... but it has never caused a problem for me.
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Well #1 is solved by doing #2

To do a fresh install
Insert the OS X cd
restart the computer and hold down C as soon as it starts to boot until it boots from disk
When you get to choose the drive click options and do a clean install. If you are using a system restore disc then it will probably have OS 9 on it but you should be able to select not to install OS9
Finish the install

the PowerBooks do get very hot for a notebook but its nothing to worry about


they do get hot...especially when it's hot outside, but it is nothing to worry's made of aluminium man...and it's got so much cool stuff in it...I would expect it to get a bit hot with all these things...still, no problems..


Thank y'all for replying.

Just fresh install my PB. It was simple, clean and quick process.
However, I realise that the recovery DVD comes with Jaguar and the unit already has Panther when I bought it. So, have to live with Jaguar and missed the expose.

Will have to see if I can afford to buy Panther license.

Once again, thanks you.


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