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Iv'e just got hold of a Macintosh Powerbook G3 to help me with my studies at univercity. Im having problems getting on to the network though. I am quite new to Macs so please forgive me if I make a mistake.

I am under the impression I have to activate something called Apple talk to get on to the network, but when i activate this it says "An error occured attempting to use Remote only Make sure your network connections are correct" Now my network cable is plugged in so surley it should find my network, it works on my PC so I know there is no problem with the network.


- start by going under the system prefrences and select network
- from the network window first make sure that the adapter you ahve selected is the built-in ethernet
- at that point in time it should show you an ip address..this is where you should find out from you admin what kinda of ip you should be gettin ( you might also have to have a static ip which means you admin will give you a specific ip to use)
- if you select using DHCP automatic it should pick up your settings and if you get a number in the Router: line then that means you have net access and your ready to rock

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