Networking Mac, iphone, and LG Smart TV's + other stuff

Feb 23, 2011
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Hi all,

We will be moving into our new house shortly and I am wanting to set up an wireless network which will consist of the follow accessing it.

iMac - 2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo with 2 GB of Ram running on Lion, 320 Gig HD with a 500 Gig partitioned external HD for Time Machine backups and extra storage (iMac will be acting as the Plex Media Server)

2 x 4G iPhones with iOS 5 (with Plex app for TV's below)

Xbox 360

Canon Printer

and 2 LG smart TV's (Plex app to hopefully stream media from iMac)

I do not have a router as yet as the internet company wanted to charge me $69 for one, so I thought I would get one else where cheaper OR use one of the Airport devices instead (pay a bit more).

My question is if I wish to set up a wireless network to house the above with one of the main functions to stream from the iMac to the LG TV's, what would be best?

Like I said I do not yet have a wireless router so the answers will have to take this into consideration, and I am very keen to set up a media server using PLEX

Would an Airport Express to the job as I have less than 10 items to be managed in a 'small area' (the office and lounge room a next to one another).

Airport Extreme... just in case I have other people or items to use the network.

Or a Time Capsule to utilise the hard disk as the media server and keep the existing external HD for Time Machine Backups.

Can this be done, or am I just living in the land on nod?

Cheers in advanced.

Jan 19, 2008
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houston texas
Your Mac's Specs
09 MBP 8GB ram 500GB HD OS 10.9 32B iPad 4 32GB iPhone 5 iOs7 2TB TC Apple TV3
Yes with either of them but you will have more coverage and options with either the AEBS
or the TC.

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