Networking Epson C84 with OS9 and OSX



Here’s a network puzzle. I have a Mac Desktop running OS9 using a D-Link Wireless Router 614+ The desktop is plugged into the LAN port ... The wireless is for my G4 PowerBook running OSX (Panther). I would like to connect my Epson C84 to a network that my laptop can access. As it is now. It is connected directly to my desktop. I don't want to use my desktop computer as a print server, but somehow use a Print server in infrastructure mode for the Desktop and the wireless laptop. Is there a Print Server that would accommodate that set up? Some printers do not work (Host Printers .... CAPT) and I am unsure if the Epson C84 is one of them. Also, on my OS9 computer .... can I use the IP address setup rather than AppleTalk? (I mention this because I turn off AppleTalk because it interferes with some video editing I do).


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