Networkin Blues from a newbie...



I just got my G5 iMac set up and am trying to get it to see the PC on my network (small office, this G5 and one PC)...I cant figure it out at all! It was easy with the PC's...just run network setup on both machines and its done. What do I need to do with this iMac to get it to see the other computer on the network? It is plugged into a router with ethernet..

Any suggestions?


OK, I got my Mac to see the Windows computer named XXXXX, It sees it and then I double click it and it asks me for a username and password. It isnt secured by a UN or PW as far as I know. I can see everything just fine with my windows laptop looking at the windows desktop, and it doesnt ask for any username and password...but when I try to see it with the Mac, it does. What gives here?

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