Networked printer won't work with mac!!

Sep 25, 2011
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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to print to my networked printer using my mac (wireless).?

I am running MS XP PRO on the home PC, the printer is a HP Laserjet 1100 which is plugged into the PC (it has a parallel printer cable and USB adapter) and configured as shared on the network.

I have tried all i know, also i have spent the last 1 1/2 hrs with a Mac support guy who was as helpful as he could be, but still no success.

We managed to get the printer to work by plugging it straight into the mac, and using a generic driver, but can't seem to get it to work over the network this way. I am loathed to buy a new printer, as this one is a real workhorse, and not to mention the added expense!
May 22, 2005
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Closer than you think.
Your Mac's Specs
Performa 6116 2GBSCSI 8MB OS 7.5.3
The problem is that the printer is shared out from XP. Therefore the print job gets rendered on the PC which usually ends up in several pages of junk being printed.

Can you install the HP 1100 post script driver on the PC? Keeping things post script is the best bet.

You might also try using the ghost script drivers for OS X versus the generic PS driver. Ghost script and Foo-matic have proved helpful for me trying to get unsupported printers printing on OS X.

However the biggest hurdle for you is the XP share. If the PC is XP pro try turning on simple file sharing if it isn't already.

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