Network Printing



I have an iMac running 0S9 on a network at a small school (network was set up someone else who is no longer available, and no one there seems to know much about it, no manuals, diagrams, etc.). There are 2 network printers (an HP Deskjet 875 (or something like that) and a Laserjet 2100) that all the other iMacs can print to. On the problem computer, there are icons on the desktop for both printers, but when I attempt to print to either of them it gives an error message saying printer couldn't be found. The Laserjet does not appear in the chooser, the Deskjet does (2 instances of it) but can't get anything to work. I apologize for the lack of info, and as you may have guessed, I'm a PC person and have very limited knowledge of Macs.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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