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Hi, I am new to the forum, and experiencing a problem that you likely have already solved.... namely after a few minutes of idle, or sleep, my iMac G4 disconnects itself from the network. I am hardwired (CAT5) to a Linksys 4 port router behind a cable modem. My little Performa running OS8.5 is on another channel of the same router and does not have this problem, I have crossed cables and still it is the G4.... running 10.2.8... which seems to have "self installed" after a few months of "normal" operation from the 10.2 shipped with the computer when new (April 03).

Any help you could give would be great, I am tired of my wife calling me at work telling me that the "stupid mac doesn't work, I can't read email or surf".



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Dec 24, 2002
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If I am understanding this right, you are having the same problem I have had since 10.2.3. I am ruinning 10.2.6 and still having the problem. If my powerbook goes to sleep, upon wake up i lose the network connection. after about five minutes of so, I get a network connection again. Some it takes as long a s ten minutes to connect again. i have not been able to resolve this problem. So I have just lived with it. This does not happen with my system running 10.1.5.

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